Why People Love eMAGC

The bottom line is this...with eMAGC, it's not about us, it's about YOU. The time and money YOU used to spend on your website takes less time and produces greater results. This allows YOU to focus on your business and the resources YOU need for growth. But eMAGC is much more than a cost- and time-saver, it's a tool that was built for your business designed to naturally grow traffic and perform for you.
Here's some other things you need to know about eMAGC:

1. eMAGC Saves Your Company TIME & MONEY
Yes. You know this already. But it always bears repeating. eMAGC breaks the technical barrier by empowering anyone at your company to easily and quickly make edits to your website. Gone are the days of fee-greed employed by other companies just to make minor changes on your website. Because of eMAGC's proprietary management technologies built for efficiency, you'll spend less time making changes on your website and more time on you business.

2. eMAGC is Search Engine Friendly
Every eMAGC site is tested for optimal performance with the major search engines. eMAGC is so easy-to-use, that our software will also automatically generate pages descriptions and keywords search engines use in ranking your site. This means your website will, over time and with your content being maintained regularly, natural rise through the search engine results rankings.

3. eMAGC uses sharing technology.
Sharing technology allows your users to “share” your content on other sites. Or, it allows users to send your content to social networking and bookmarking sites, like Facebook or MySpace. Heck, eMAGC will even send your stories to cell phones. This feature is especially important to increasing search rankings as sharing stories and cross-linking is heavily factored in those rankings.

4. eMAGC makes video embedding easy
Our customers favorite features is undoubtedly the ability to add video from youtube.com or blip.tv or any video shring site. eMAGC makes it so easy to add video, you could literally create a website that was the equivalent of a TV channel. Check out this example of someone mixing videos from youtube.com and hulu.com to create something totally unique, http://www.downtownfrightnight.com.

5. Cool Design.
Yeah. Yeah. We've heard it all before. Our competitors say we're just a template service. What they don't tell you is that most websites are actually designed the same. There are subtle difference between them that make them unique. With eMAGC you have control over those subtle differences, and as such can make wildly different looking website using only one template. Check out our Features Page and click on the image gallery for an example of three sites using the same template that look totally different.

6. Did we forget to mention that eMAGC is fun to use?
One of the great secrets of industrial design is to build products that are functional, easy and "pleasurable" to use. eMAGC is just plain fun – not in the video game sense. It's fun to use while at working without distracting you from the tasks at hand. But, you may find yourself thinking more about the web thanks to eMAGC.

7. Speedy support.
In case errors, issues or questions do come up, eMAGC comes with a full troubleshooting ticketing system. Simple visit the support area and submit a ticket with issue and a member of our support team will attempt to solve your problem or answer your question immediately.