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Finally, you can manage your own web site.

eMAGC is the award-winning software that promises to change how websites are made and managed. That's because we do something very different - we put YOU  in charge of your website.

With eMAGC, you get a website...and the ability to manage that site.

You no longer need to pay a web developer every time you need a change made to your site. With our proprietary management system, YOU have control over every aspect of your site.

It's easy, too! eMAGC was built from the ground up with the user in mind. So regardless of your technical skill level, YOU can manage your website easily with eMAGC.

Utilizing the incredible power of eMAGC, YOU can create virtually any type of website: content sites, blog sites, news sites, product sites, media sites, and more. With eMAGC, your limitations are your imagination!

eMAGC was created with the small- to medium-sized business owners' needs in mind and is offered at an amazingly affordable price. See why eMAGC is a market innovation that is changing the way websites are made!

Save yourself the time
eMAGC is so simple and intuitive, anyone
at your company can manage your website. We've taken away the headache of managing  a website and replaced it with a simple, yet powerful, experience that makes work on
your website productive AND cost-effective — that's eMAGC!

Save yourself the money
If your tired of giving all your hard-earned cash to your web developer every time you need a change on your website, then eMAGC is for you. With eMAGC, YOU make the changes, and can kiss those never-ending website maintenance fees goodbye. Don't believe us? 






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